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Branding NameRef No StatusCost per Branding*Select

Compound Wall Bunding Front & Back
Reference No 1 Available Rs.4000

Branding Boards On Pedestrian Walkway Handrail
Reference No 2 Available Rs.10000

Main Gate Welcome Board
Reference No 3 Available Rs.30000

Lawn Pole Bunting
Reference No 4 Available Rs.5000

Lamp Pole Bunting
Reference No 5 Available Rs.10000

Bus Back Panel
Reference No 6 Available Rs.4000

Mini Hoarding
Reference No 7 Available Rs.5000

Road Centre Median
Reference No 8 Available Rs.3500

Cube Box Branding
Reference No 9 Available Rs.18500

Hall Bunting
Reference No 10 Available Rs.2000

Convention Centre Hand Rail Bunting
Reference No 11 Available Rs.2500

Wall Branding Inside CTC
Reference No 12 Available Rs.15000

Sponsors Standee
Reference No 13 Available Rs.7000

Registration Counter Front Branding
Reference No 14 Available Rs.20000
Registration Counter Back drop Reference No 15 Available Rs.100000

Stand Alone Display Stand (Indoor)
Reference No 16 Available Rs.5000

Lanyard with Printing
Reference No 17 Available Rs.20

Badge & Pouch
Reference No 18 Available Rs.10

Pocket Guide
Reference No 20 Available From Rs.4 to Rs.20000

Show Directory
Reference No 21 Available From Rs.8000 to Rs.100000
* Taxes Extra as applicable
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